Author: jason


I probably should have started this blog with this post but, quite honestly, I didn’t think about it.  So instead, this will ring in the New Year.  This post describes one of those habits that we develop as we move through the world, our individual quirks if you will.  If you have been around ... Read More

I was caught.

I was caught. And then I was chastised for it. This made me feel… Frustrated. Hurt. Misunderstood. All manner of thoughts and feelings which took away a little from that pile of joy I left in the corner. I was walking home from the train recently when a car approached me in the oncoming lane. ... Read More


OK, let’s start with the embarrassing story and move, quite quickly, from there. A little while ago I was at a restaurant of a nicer quality that had somewhat dimmer lighting in it. I could blame this but I don’t think any real blame is necessary. I’m dilly dallying. As I was walking up the ... Read More