About & Contact

If we talk, collaborate, hang out, present work together you will notice the passion that I bring to the work at hand.

From that very first moment a crayon hit my hand, I’ve been drawing, designing, creating artistic artifacts. I met Photoshop when it was on floppies. I’ve taught undergraduate students about design and graduate students about front end development and human factors. I’ve worked for small companies and large. I understand the differences and similarities between the two.

I come from a background that seemed to always be involved in making processes better or developing new processes to help customers, users, and staff.  And now everything I do goes towards that goal, I work every day on improving products, websites, apps, processes, or doing research into such areas.

I love exploring and designing for cutting edge technologies like IoT or complex mobile designs and love working on the user experience strategy of products.

I’m available for contract work, take a look at my work and let’s talk.

Behind the Scenes

I know that we’re always curious about the person behind the screen:  There are two things you’ll often catch me talking about, outside of ux stuff, the journey/adventure and the challenges before us.  I challenge myself constantly to learn new skills, do new things, grow as a person.  In the last couple years I’ve written a novel, taken up running and cooking – my cookies have been devoured at meetups, drastically improved my photography, and dabbled with Android app development.

The adventure is about smiling at the twists and turns we take and never taking the bumps personally.